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Our aim is to remove the administrative burden from yacht owners to enable them to enjoy their yachts. Our professional services extend from yacht registration to providing a complete yacht management service through a dedicated point of contact.

Yacht Chartering

Luxury skippered yacht charter in Greece; sailing trip in the Greek islands are for sure a perfect choice for a fantastic time during summer vacations.

Make the most of your Greece get-away with a sailing experience from “Summer Breeze Yachts”.

Set sail for a trip to a world’s most lovely and well known islands like Mykonos and Hydra, but also explore hidden gems among the Greek islands, perfect for escaping the crowds.

Summer Breeze Ltd has been providing successful yacht charter services from Athens – Greece charter base, since its foundation in 1989 and gives you the opportunity to sail to amazing itineraries.

Our aim

“Summer Breeze Yachts” is a boat rental company offering personalized sailing cruises from Athens yacht charter base, a great starting point for your sailing trips in the Cyclades and Saronic gulf islands. Our private sailing tours from Athens yacht charter base, are designed to customers’ needs, either you travel with your family, for a special occasion like a honeymoon or with your friends.

Since 1989, we arrange fully crewed luxury yacht charter in Greece from Athens and first class services.

We offer custom made traditional sailing yachts, some would call them “Classic”, with quality and luxury interior of Teak, Oak. With beautiful yacht design, these best sea going sailboats are the safest sailing yachts for being caught in a Meltemi(strong wind). In our small fleet there is also a motor yacht for sailing trips in a fast way. All our boats conforms to all standards of safety of life at sea.

The crew that will take care of you during your private skippered sailing cruise, are professional, discreet, English speakers with great experience. Crew of 2, a skipper and a deckhand cook is always included in your charter.

Greek, simple cuisine is part of your sailing adventure.

A little bit of history

The company owns two sailing yachts and one motor yacht at the moment, offering sailing tours in Greece with skipper and crew.

Dimitris and Michalis, skippers and owners “Summer Breeze Yachts” , the main goal is to provide a total client-driven service.

Dimitris and Michalis when they are not on the yacht with you, they are in constant communication with the sailboats and the yacht on a daily basis in order to have a complete picture of their clients needs and subsequently to be in the position to fulfill their demands and requests for unforgettable Greek islands sailing vacations.

The sailing boats have custom designed interior and manufactured by the owners themselves in order to respond with the best possible way to the needs of their guests during their Greek islands sailing trips.

The vessels are always kept in an excellent condition due to their high standard maintenance, which is always according to the worldwide regulations for safety on board.

Summer Breeze Yachts is supported by a crew team of highly experienced professionals who are ready to safely sail with you and show you around the beauties of the Greek Islands.

In 1989, Dimitris and Michalis Arkas, skippers and “Summer Breeze Yachts” owners, along with their father, took a decision which changed their life and brought them one step closer to a lifetime dream. The foundation of their first yachting company.

They started with the shipbuilding of their sailing yachts for charter purposes. In the meantime they started buying significant share percentages of other profitable yacht companies and up to 2004 their company’s fleet was comprised by seven sailing yachts.

From 1993, they were pioneers in the crewed yacht chartering because they included to Summer Breeze Yachts crew list along with the skipper and a cook-deck hand, in order to optimize the services offered by our vessels.

Please note that up to that period, for all the yachts occupied in the crewed yacht chartering, the crew was consisted only by a skipper.

From the beginning of its foundation up to nowadays their main target was and it still remains, to provide to their clients high quality services.

From 2003 up to 2009, Michalis Arkas was a member of the Board of Directors (BOD) and one of the foundation members of the Greek Professional Bareboat Yacht Owners Association