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Step aboard and let your journey begin as you set course for some of the world’s most beautiful, breathtaking, and exclusive charter destinations. Explore uninhabited islands, enjoy crystal clear turquoise waters, and savor the taste of culinary delights prepared by your personal chef, while you enjoy the personalized service of a professionally crewed yacht.

Close your eyes and imagine being onboard a luxury yacht to call home, with five-star service and luxury amenities at your fingertips. The pink-sand beaches and sun-drenched shores are calling your name. From the nightlife of Mykoos and Santorini, to the seclusion and privacy of Corfu and the Lefkada, we’ll customize your unforgettable vacation of a lifetime.

The following itineraries represent only a small sampling. So, whether you’re a seasoned yacht-charter client or you’d just like to explore the many possibilities, contact the Charter Team at Summer Breeze Yachts today and let our experts create your personalized private yacht charter, which is certain to exceed your expectations. One life, one world, one ocean – and one team to make it all come together. Remember, life begins on the water.

We'll make your summer holidays unforgettable

Greece is a land of culture, history and remarkable beauty. Explore spectacular golden beaches and sun-soaked islands. Dine at cosy tavernas and discover beautiful islands. It’s a land suitably fit for the gods. One of the true joys of a Greek holiday – as over 25 million tourists a year know full well – is that there’s an island for every kind of escape. If you’re searching for a blissful slice of paradise, you should come immediately.