Frequently asked questions

Before you Charter a yacht

What is a Skippered & assisted sailboat and yacht charter?

Skippered yacht charters are designed to assist those with little or no sailing experience to sail without the responsibility of being in charge. We will provide a skipper to sail and be responsible for your yacht, with you are assisting and learning from them. A deckhand cook will arrange everything for your lunches and will keep the yacht crystal clear.

Why charter a yacht from Athens?
Athens is an excellent starting point for sailing trips in Greece, as well as a perfect stop on your sailing journey. The vibrant city has much to offer, so be prepared to have a great time discovering its rich history, culture, gastronomy and night life before you begin or continue your journey. Most probably you arrived in Greece from Athens international airport, so chartering a yacht from Athens is an easy way to explore the Greek islands.


Safety in Greece and during sailing?
When visiting a foreign country or travelling, safety is a top priority. Although recently Greece has been troubled by austerity measures, Greece remains peaceful and is crying out for tourists more than ever. Our boats are insured against fire, marine and collision risks, third party liability and again any part of the total loss or damage. Of course they exceed the safety equipment required by law. Summer Breeze Yachts is in the field of sailing vacations more than 20 years with very experienced skippers and know how of the area. The itineraries are always protected from the wind.
When is the best time to visit Greek islands by sailing?
Actually the charter period lasts for 7 months, April till October. The sea temperature is usually cold and the weather may be unstable in April or May but easy swimming the rest of the months. The peak season is mid July to end of September.

About my Charter

How can i get from airport or the port to the marina where my yacht is?
Our sailing yachts anchor in the Alimos marina in Athens seafront.
Athens is a big city. Let us arrange for you a transfer from your hotel or the airport.After booking we will give you detailed instructions about your meeting point.
One of us will be waiting for you.
What do i have to do on my arrival and what is my check in procedure?
Actually, all of our charters start around 17:00. The meeting point is straight to your boat. Your skipper is going to wait for you there. The first acquaintance with your skipper and a short briefing about the weather and the itinerary is going to follow and soon after you will all head for the yacht. Find your way around the boat while we will prepare the paperwork with the authorities and get ready for your first day out at sea at early in the next morning. For late arrivals head directly to the yacht where your skipper will be waiting for you.
Check out is at 09:00  at the same place. No special procedure is needed.
What is the everyday schedule on board?
Usually we have breakfast on board. After that, we set sail for our next island.
The sailing time depends on the chosen itinerary and might be from 2 up to 5 hours.
On our way we make a stop at a nice anchorage for swimming. At this place we usually have a light meal for lunch, prepared by the deckhand cook, and then we continue to our final destination where we get early in the afternoon, at about 3-4 pm, in order to have time to explore the island.
Our skippers will give you directions and also they can arrange for a rental in case that you wish to drive around. Dinners are taken ashore because Greek food is a part of Greek lifestyle experience.
Recommendations about restaurants are going to be given, as well as reservations are going to be done by us for the busy days. For those who would like to continue with a drink, night life on the islands is always a challenge.
With what conditions do we sail?
Theoretically our yachts are certified by their designers to sail in all the weather conditions, but because we have customized our activities in cruising, the insurance companies as well as the authorities have adjusted their terms in this direction.
So we cannot sail when the wind is equal or stronger to 7bfts, except that your captain believes that it would be safe to go downwind up to your next destination or if you are in a protected area, without big waves.
For example, Saronic and Argolic gulf south of Athens are protected areas protected by the geography of the area.
Finally night sailing is not allowed except if it’s a matter of safety.
What should i bring with me?
Apart from the provisions, all of our yachts are fully equipped for charters. So focus only on your personal belongings. Sun protection stuff is mandatory. Keep in mind that the Greek sun is very strong. Beach towels might be useful and are always forgotten.
Are there any hidden costs?
Regarding the charter fee, we are absolutely clear. No hidden fees at all.
Included: the yacht with all her equipment, skipper’s and deckhand cook fee, VAT, insurance.
Not included :the diesel (depends on the consumption), the fresh water and the marina’s fees at the islands that you are going to visit and the end cleaning.

About the Crew

Why do i have to hire a professional crew on board?
With a professional team crew on your side, you will have the time you need to spend your vacations with your mate, your friends and your family.
Your captain knows the area as no one else, so the only thing you have to do is to relax. Of course, if you want to participate in sailing just ask the captain. He will be glad to give him a hand.
Skipper duties
Above all else, the skipper is responsible for the safety of his crew and vessel. Also, he is responsible for the maintenance of the systems. The working hours for a skipper are maximum eight, out at sea, but after that he is in charge of the boat’s safety, something that might keep him awake for the whole night, if the circumstances require it. Conclusively he is the hospitable host who will answer all of your questions and even teach you some basics of sailing, if you are interested.
How about cooking and cleaning on board?
An experienced deckhand cook is always part of the crew during your sailing trip with Summer Breeze Yachts. When you book one of our sailboats, breakfasts and a light lunch (half board option) will be prepared by the deckhand cook.

Your cook will prepare authentic, simple but delicious Greek dishes, but also will compliment them with water, wine, soft drinks and of course snacks. Of course the deckhand cook will also keep the sailboat clean during your sailing trip in the Greek islands.