Made up of 39 islands in the Aegean Sea, the combination of steady winds, dramatic landscapes and natural harbours makes the Cyclades a perfect sailing destination. Ideally situated for island hopping, these islands are blessed with an astonishing wealth of historical sites and legacies left by countless successive civilisations over the course of five millennia. Rocky, arid landscapes promise breathtaking views with stunning white buildings offset by bright-blue church domes perched above aquamarine waters

From the cosmopolitan island of Mykonos to the rustic and traditional villages of Santorini, all the islands abound with simplicity and charm, but each remains unique. Legend has it the land here was fragmented by Zeus, and each island is in

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Greece is a land of culture, history and remarkable beauty. Explore spectacular golden beaches and sun-soaked islands. Dine at cosy tavernas and discover beautiful islands. It’s a land suitably fit for the gods. One of the true joys of a Greek holiday – as over 25 million tourists a year know full well – is that there’s an island for every kind of escape. If you’re searching for a blissful slice of paradise, you should come immediately.